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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger? Here’s how!

Not everyone has a vast habitable space. Yet, it isn’t a hindrance to making it more spacious and livelier. Here’s how you can make your room look more expansive than before.

  • Use bright colors. Pastel colors and light Pantone hues are the best detail paint for walls painted in muted or pale neutral tones. This color variant can increase lighting. They also work well when contrasting it with darker pieces of furniture.
  • Go for multi-functional furniture. Have a bed that’s also a sofa. Use its underside as storage. If you have high ceilings, invest in vertical furniture. Loft beds add more space for you to have an office or living space right under it. Coffee tables can also work as dining tables or office nooks. Don’t ever put massive single-use furniture on small spaces.
  • Have some decorative accents. Have some expansive art that contrasts nicely with the decors. They fill empty spaces and adds flair to the small space. Yet, please don’t put it all together like clutter. Space decor evenly.
  • Spread light as expansively as you can. Remove the drapes to let in more natural or artificial light and reduce brightness absorption.
  • Space out some parts of the room. Place a rug to define space, especially if you’re living in a single-room home or studio apartment.

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