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Best Furniture Manufacturers in Canada

Global Furniture Group

They are the choice of furniture manufacturers of offices and educational institutions. They offer an excellent solutions portfolio that meets the progressive needs of most industrial and educational spaces.

Wood Anchor

This full-custom fabrication design studio specializes in handmade wood furniture, furnishing, and art. They cater to both residential and commercial spaces, including those in design applications.


They are modern furniture makers for commercial establishments, homeowners, and interior designers in North America. sohoConcept leads the modern furniture design industry with top-notch designers and fresh ideas.

Us & Coutumes

They are all about design practicality, ensuring furniture aesthetic with intended uses. Their handmade furniture, storage, and accessory solutions are wrapped in a modern design package for urban residences and commercial spaces.


This seat design and manufacture company offer a broad seating solutions portfolio to clients across the globe. They’re world-renowned in commissioning top-notch designers to engineer quality and comfort in every seat they make.


This world-renowned office furniture designer has been providing the best commercial concepts since 1968. Despite their history, they’re front lining in innovations while pushing technology’s boundaries.


For timeless, elegant, and functional furniture, this design company by Jason Burhop is heaven. His firm employs craftspeople whose passion is centered on creating visionary furniture designs and concepts.


For the futuristic interior design, Teknion is a forerunner. Operating in 30 years, they are dedicated to sustainable yet innovative designs. They have an expansive portfolio of highly awarded office systems, furniture, architectural products, and ergonomic accessories.


Based in Toronto, this designer firm creates one of the picturesque wooden and mixed material furniture concepts that truly pair with one another. They’re primarily makers of chairs and tables that are utterly simple yet exquisitely elegant.


The state-of-the-art manufacturing process and innovative designs make Artopex a leading manufacturer of office furniture. They’re highly dedicated to satisfying clients with every design demands while offering attractive and innovative products.


For custom furniture, Stacklab is the studio to visit. They’re a multidisciplinary design and fabrication firm that offers uniquely customized furniture concepts for residential and commercial spaces.

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