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Decorating & Design

Interior Design and Fashion: Its Relationship

Being an interior designer requires you to be updated on the latest trends and design on home. You can determine and point out which things match the layout, the color of the wall, and the things that will make the ambiance of your house comfy, cozy and homey.
However, there is one thing that interior designers usually missed. It is a fact that most of the home interior design trends came from fashion trends. What you typically see on fashion shows becomes a design of several homes across the world.
The Interior Trends Now
Mariana Kero, an interior …

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Decorating & Design

These Five Pendant Lights Brightens Up Any Given Space

Pendant lights add volume to that expansive ceiling. It also accents in-focus areas of your living and working spaces. If you’re looking for pendant lights to lighten up your space and add vibe to it, here are several options:
Bau 36 Pendant by Tech Lighting
This versatile pendant light is perfect for any expansive or in-focus spaces like your dining table or hallway. It even complements sleek and modern furniture, making it a focal piece while adding dimension and interest.
Comparelli Pendant by Eurofase
These rattan pendant lights pair form and function seamlessly. It adds a perfect lighting frame to…

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In Need of Kitchen Design Ideas? Here are Five Stylish Kitchens with Sleek Surfaces

Are you planning to transform your kitchen space into a professional chef paradise? Here are five stylish kitchen ideas that should give you that MasterChef vibe.
Caesarstone’s Empira Black White Kitchen and Black Island Concept
White is standard in kitchen tones but adding a black island adds a statement to it. With copper-plated soft bar stools and some greenery, you’ll have a cooking paradise that’s worth showing off to friends and family.
Caesarstone’s Oxidian Wood Finish Kitchen Concept
The earthy, more organic vibe is by the light wood tones of floor-to-ceiling cabinets and …

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Ten Holiday Decoration Ideas You Can Do While on Lockdown

The holidays are around the corner, and it’s time to decorate the house with the best trinkets and holiday décor. Yet, the pandemic forces us to limit our movements and social distancing. A do-it-yourself décor is the best option. So, if you’re up for DIY decorations, here are ten ideas that should get your scissors and glues to bring the magic of the yuletide.
Holiday Card Tree
This one is easy to make. All it takes is to create a card for someone and hang a thread on it. You can hang it on a set of branches on a pot to make a nature-inspired card tree.
Bright-colored Paper Bag Star
You can …

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