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These Five Pendant Lights Brightens Up Any Given Space

Pendant lights add volume to that expansive ceiling. It also accents in-focus areas of your living and working spaces. If you’re looking for pendant lights to lighten up your space and add vibe to it, here are several options:

Bau 36 Pendant by Tech Lighting

This versatile pendant light is perfect for any expansive or in-focus spaces like your dining table or hallway. It even complements sleek and modern furniture, making it a focal piece while adding dimension and interest.

Comparelli Pendant by Eurofase

These rattan pendant lights pair form and function seamlessly. It adds a perfect lighting frame to your bedside or dimensions to an open concept living space.

AIM LED Pendant Light by FLOS

Modernity isn’t best represented without these simple yet stylish pendant lights from FLOS. Its adjustable cables can let you customize the light’s placement. It can create depth and point to each light, especially great for co-working or shared office spaces.

Vega LED Pendant by Kuzco

Now, this is what we call elegant pendant lighting. Kuzco made this combination of LED-lined wood pendant lights to look like their 3D pieces that complement well with barren walls.

Discoco Pendant by Marset

The layers of wooden disks with its dramatic lighting effect is an attention-grabber. It’s perfect for one of the focal points in any space, like dining tables, while adding luxe addition even when the lights are out.

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