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8 Tips for Moving Furniture Across Canada

If you want to move your furniture across Canada, you should consider scouting different offers from multiple moving companies specializing in long-distance moves. Then you need to rent a truck for moving across Canada, pack your stuff, scout online for free supplies, hire full-service movers, and so on.

Long-distance moving can be a significant inconvenience, especially to a country as big as Canada. Therefore, you should take some factors into mind, such as the overall cost of moving, so that you can figure out the cheapest way to move.

This article will be discussing some helpful tips to get your furniture cross country.

1. Approach Various Long Distance Movers and Consider Different Offers

When it comes to long-distance moving in Canada, the moving company in Edmonton is a great place to start. But don’t just go for the first offer you hear. There are numerous moving companies in competition to outdo each other. Take advantage of that. Please do some research, approach as many moving services as you can, and hear their offers.

This will help you have an idea of the total cost of moving. Then, you can make the mental comparisons later. It doesn’t have to be an instant decision. You can see a lot of movers to get your furniture across the country for a good deal. Take this tip seriously.

2. Self-Packing Service

Packing is something you can do yourself. Besides, it’s one of the cheapest ways to move over the country. You’re in complete charge of the whole process, and you can work at your speed. Also, it will help you save money. The only expense here will be on the packing supplies.

However, one of the cons of this tip is that it involves a lot of work, and it is unlikely you can do everything yourself since there are many things to pack. So, you will almost certainly need help from friends and family if you don’t want to hire full-service movers for their packing services.

The cost of moving can even be lower if a friend has a truck to move your furniture. This tip can be a good idea if your house is not big, precisely a single bedroom apartment.

3. Utilize a Truck Rental Service to Move Furniture Across Canada

Truck Rental Canada

Self-packing and moving are friendly on your budget, and you have a bunch of folks willing to help you load and unload. However, that truck your friend owns may not be large enough for a single long-distance move unless you’re seriously considering moving over the country twice.

Moving across Canada once is something you should do if you’re considering the cheapest way to move across the country. Going for a truck rental is easier on your pocket than hiring movers from a particular moving company. This is also a great tip if you have many large and heavy items to move across Canada. It gets the job done and saves cost because you can do it without a moving company.

4. Scout Online for Supplies That Are Free of Charge

You should also consider this tip if you want the cheapest way to move across Canada. You can get packing tape, cardboard boxes, and bubble wrap for free. Expenses saved!

You can check sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji for freebies that other people have given away. You can also scout retail stores, schools, and offices that are getting rid of stuff. You might get lucky. How much does it cost? Absolutely nothing.

5. Pick the Right Day for Cross Country Moving

It’s essential that you get familiar with the fact that a lot of individuals and families move during the same period. This becomes a situation of demand and supply for a moving company. This means that if you’re moving during one of the “hot” moving seasons, the cost of moving will be higher because of the high demand.

It’s best to move during the slow seasons when the demand for moving companies in Canada has dipped. As a result, the cost of moving will be lower. During this time, you can compare the cost of each mover and decide on which cost is the best for you.

6. Request Your Company to Handle Your Moving if You Got a New Job

Your company might offer this incentive, but you will never know till you make that request. So, if you got a new job in Canada, contact your company to request their movers in Canada to facilitate the move.

In some cases where the company doesn’t offer such an incentive, they will offer to fund your move across Canada partly. You won’t know if you don’t ask.

7. Consider a Portable Moving Container

With this option, you can just load your furniture and other household items and leave the rest to the company that owns the container. As a result, it saves you more money than truck rentals.

This moving container also serves as a storage unit for your stuff. So you’ve got two services (moving and storage) in one.

8. Have a Minimalist Approach to Things

Moving is one of the best times to look at all your stuff and decide which of them to leave out. Of course, not all your stuff is essential. Some may be mere additions to your home, serving no real purpose.

It also comes with a benefit. Getting rid of some stuff will mean you have less stuff to pack, and that also means you will need a truck or container of a lesser size. Ultimately, this means you will spend less on moving.

Another merit of this tip is that you can profit from them instead of outrightly discarding these items you want to leave behind. Why not make some change from it instead? You can sell them off.

You can also decide to give it away on Craigslist and Kijiji. Other people will need that stuff you’re discarding, and it can serve a real purpose for them. So go ahead and get rid of all the unwanted stuff you have gotten over the years.

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