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Interior Design and Fashion: Its Relationship

Being an interior designer requires you to be updated on the latest trends and design on home. You can determine and point out which things match the layout, the color of the wall, and the things that will make the ambiance of your house comfy, cozy and homey.

However, there is one thing that interior designers usually missed. It is a fact that most of the home interior design trends came from fashion trends. What you typically see on fashion shows becomes a design of several homes across the world.

The Interior Trends Now

Mariana Kero, an interior decorator, states that velvet, metallic and floral are the three famous current interior design trends that were inspired by runways and fashion shows.

  • Velvet – Velvet gives off the same vibes on both the living room and as clothes. It screams elegance, beauty, and opulence. Velvet, specifically emerald velvet, has been widely used, especially in bedrooms and living rooms. This interior design is also perfect when matched with gemstones such as sapphires or with plants.
  • Metallics – If you want to look glamorous or sophisticated, you usually wear bronze, gold, or silver. Yes, metallics. Even custom t-shirts & hoodies colored with metallics make you a little bit glamorous. These colors are also becoming prevalent with interior trends. Whether it is to accentuate a certain place or just to add glamour to your home, metallics really does its magic to both homes and bodies.
  • Floral Prints – Maybe you have seen Gucci’s latest trends, one of the hottest fashion brands. Gucci has released many floral trends lately, and thus, people have become more inspired to use floral patterns in home decors. Floral creates this fancy look in both body and home. The most common and easiest floral pattern that you can incorporate in your home is wallpapers. These will surely give a welcoming vibe whether you place it in your bedroom or the living room.

Forecasting the Next Trend

The future interior trends should be focused on the global workforce since we are beginning to shift on a work-from-home style. Remote workers are continuing to rise, and the home interior will play a significant role in the industry.

However, a minimalist lifestyle will still be a strong trend in the next few years but consider also having modular furniture since Generation Z, which soon will have their own place, prefers this type of furniture.


As what has been said above, being an interior designer requires you to be up to the latest trends. Now that you know the relationship between interior design and fashion, you may want to engage also in the fashion world. This would help you a lot in catching on to the latest design itself in your industry.

You can immerse yourself in the fashion world by participating in several fashion design tour studies offered by companies. You can also attend runway shows organized by famous designers and brands. In this way, you will know how trends can be determined, executed, and forecasted.

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