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Best Furniture Manufacturers in Canada

Global Furniture Group
They are the choice of furniture manufacturers of offices and educational institutions. They offer an excellent solutions portfolio that meets the progressive needs of most industrial and educational spaces.
Wood Anchor
This full-custom fabrication design studio specializes in handmade wood furniture, furnishing, and art. They cater to both residential and commercial spaces, including those in design applications.
They are modern furniture makers for commercial establishments, homeowners, and interior designers in North America. sohoConcept leads the modern …

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Modern Furniture & Living

Five Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Home Cleaning Products

Are you considering or weighing some pros and cons of natural home cleaner alternatives? Well, here are five benefits you can get for using eco-friendly cleaning products.
You’ll get less or no skin irritations
Artificial or chemical detergents or furniture polish cause most skin rashes. While they do the cleaning job, they are also primary causes of skin inflammations or itchiness. Eco-friendly alternatives are safe on the skin, especially with kids. Also, natural alternatives like baking soda or vinegar are as effective as commercial cleaners minus the irritations.
Natural cleaners don’t trigger …

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Modern Furniture & Living

Six Ideas For a Modern Living Space

Are you looking for ideas on how to arrange furniture in living spaces best or choosing design concepts? If yes, here are six ideas for a fresh, modern living room.
Choose a color concept. Go for monochromes.
What standing color do you want to see in your living room? While a rainbow concept might sound playful, it can be eye-stressing. Choose one or two colors to match and plan around that color concept.
Decide on your living space furniture concept
Are you for all squares? Curves? Choose furniture that makes a statement, whether personal or complementary. It creates a focal point that can also produce an …

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Modern Furniture & Living

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger? Here’s how!

Not everyone has a vast habitable space. Yet, it isn’t a hindrance to making it more spacious and livelier. Here’s how you can make your room look more expansive than before.

Use bright colors. Pastel colors and light Pantone hues are the best detail paint for walls painted in muted or pale neutral tones. This color variant can increase lighting. They also work well when contrasting it with darker pieces of furniture.
Go for multi-functional furniture. Have a bed that’s also a sofa. Use its underside as storage. If you have high ceilings, invest in vertical furniture. Loft beds add more space for you…

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In Need of Kitchen Design Ideas? Here are Five Stylish Kitchens with Sleek Surfaces

Are you planning to transform your kitchen space into a professional chef paradise? Here are five stylish kitchen ideas that should give you that MasterChef vibe.
Caesarstone’s Empira Black White Kitchen and Black Island Concept
White is standard in kitchen tones but adding a black island adds a statement to it. With copper-plated soft bar stools and some greenery, you’ll have a cooking paradise that’s worth showing off to friends and family.
Caesarstone’s Oxidian Wood Finish Kitchen Concept
The earthy, more organic vibe is by the light wood tones of floor-to-ceiling cabinets and …

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