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Six Ideas For a Modern Living Space

Are you looking for ideas on how to arrange furniture in living spaces best or choosing design concepts? If yes, here are six ideas for a fresh, modern living room.

Choose a color concept. Go for monochromes.

What standing color do you want to see in your living room? While a rainbow concept might sound playful, it can be eye-stressing. Choose one or two colors to match and plan around that color concept.

Decide on your living space furniture concept

Are you for all squares? Curves? Choose furniture that makes a statement, whether personal or complementary. It creates a focal point that can also produce an eye-catching look that is incredibly modern.

Get eclectic with living room designs

Just because it is modern design doesn’t mean you go bleak or dull. You can also opt from artistic design concepts like bohemian, mid-century, or even the glamorous vibes. Throw in some furniture accessories to accentuate living spaces.

Know what space is truly for

While the design is vital, knowing how you use the space is essential. It creates hierarchy, a sense of function, and accessibility of furniture pieces put together to create that habitable corner for your home or office.

Add some art to living spaces

Go for paintings, sculptures, any art that can make your living space something you can proudly say is yours.

Think outside the box. Mix and match

Although there are default and pre-made living room concepts, try to invent and innovate something new. As this space represents you and your comfort level in spaces, owning your living room makes the space more comfortable and presentable.

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