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Ten Holiday Decoration Ideas You Can Do While on Lockdown

The holidays are around the corner, and it’s time to decorate the house with the best trinkets and holiday décor. Yet, the pandemic forces us to limit our movements and social distancing. A do-it-yourself décor is the best option. So, if you’re up for DIY decorations, here are ten ideas that should get your scissors and glues to bring the magic of the yuletide.

Holiday Card Tree

This one is easy to make. All it takes is to create a card for someone and hang a thread on it. You can hang it on a set of branches on a pot to make a nature-inspired card tree.

Bright-colored Paper Bag Star

You can find how to make yours here. All it takes is to have some paper bags, glue, scissors, and tape.

Dyed Gift Wraps

Ready to paint some kraft papers with an all-purpose powder dye and wrap those gifts with it.

Winter Ombre Lanterns

Add some warmth this holiday season with ombre shades and lanterned silhouettes lighted in candles.

Felt Paper Leaf Garland

There is no need to go to the store to get some leaf garlands. The leaf cut-outs are attached, and you can start adorning the halls with seasonal décor.

Do you still need more décor ideas? How about using pine leaves or evergreens to adorn desks, kitchen tops, or dining halls. Here are other DIY decor ideas you can try at home.

  • Pine and Evergreen Toppers for Gift Boxes
  • Seasonal Centerpiece
  • Fresh Herb & Citrus Diffuser
  • Salt Dough Dangles & Ornaments
  • Fresh Leaves & Faux Wreath

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