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Organizing Hacks for Linen Closets

Linen closets function best when they’re organized. While they aren’t the go-to clothing storage, they store your bed covers, towels, cleaning stuff, and others. If you’re getting too cluttered with linen storage, here’s how you can maximize it.

  • Use wire baskets. They allow the organization of your linens inside the closet while keeping everything visible.
  • Have a rolling hamper. There are times when some linens placed inside are damp. They can induce foul odor inside and ruin the quality of your bed linens or towel. Having a small rolling hamper can separate damp linens from fresh ones. However, it’s still best to remember them and put them in the washer for proper cleaning and drying.
  • Group cleaning products. You will never have to hurry again over which cleaning bottles and disorganizing them. Worst, you might spill it on a fresh stack of linen and ruin them. Organizing them will prevent it. Have them stored in baskets, organized, and only taken out when in use.
  • Make use of the inside part of the closet door. You’ll be surprised how valuable it is until you have the hooks or hangers placed on them.

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