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DIY Décor Ideas that Are Canada Day-inspired

Are you getting ready for Canada Day? Here are some DIY decor projects you can do at home to celebrate and share the festive spirit.

Canada Day Banners and Buntings

All you need is a small paper plate, a bond paper or colored paper, some red cardstock, and buttons. Design them like Canada’s flags and paste them on a thread.

Leather Maple Leaf-Embellished Pillow

If you have an extra piece of leather, cut it out like a maple leaf and stitch it to a pillow. That should be an exciting addition to your throw pillow collection or display on your couch.

Wood Pallet Flag

Do you have some crates you don’t use? Saw them. Paste three together and paint on the proud Canadian red maple leaf flag. That should be a beautiful home decor for Canada Day.

Crocheted Coasters shaped like Canada’s Maple Leaves

If you’re skilled in making crochets, make one that’s shaped like the maple leaves of Canada. Now that’s going to make a statement when serving coffee or tea to your guests on Canada Day.

Home-casted Maple Candle

If you have some empty cans, cast it with soy wax flakes and wooden/braided wick. Decorate the outside with leaves, ribbons, and ropes. You can even add some heartwarming Canada Day text on it too.

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